Deprecation: conversations/messages/inbound/open endpoint (UPDATED 18 April 2024)


Genesys Cloud will mark as deprecated the POST /api/v2/conversations/messages/inbound/open endpoint.

The old endpoint confused users who did not know the information to provide when using the endpoint. To remedy this, we have created three new endpoints:

  • POST /api/v2/conversations/messages/{integrationId}/inbound/open/event if a user want to send typing event

  • POST /api/v2/conversations/messages/{integrationId}/inbound/open/message if a user want to send a text message

  • POST /api/v2/conversations/messages/{integrationId}/inbound/open/receipt if a user is sending a receipt

Change Category


Change Context

We are making this change to improve customer experience.

Change Impact

API is annotated as deprecated; it will be removed from service once all customers have migrated away from usage.

Date of Change

Resource removal is slated for 31 October, 2024, provided there is no customer usage of the endpoint

Impacted APIs

POST /api/v2/conversations/messages/inbound/open




Hi, please note, that if you are using Genesys Cloud Embeddable Framework, it will be updated soon to adopt the changes in Open Messaging endpoints. Please follow the announcements in the Developer Forum.


I need to migrate to the new Genesys Cloud API and require the documentation for the old API endpoint POST /api/v2/conversations/messages/inbound/open, which is being deprecated.

Could you please provide the old API documentation to assist with this migration?

Thank you.

Best regards,

It hasn't moved. POST /api/v2/conversations/messages/inbound/open

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