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Deprecation of old gamification default profile APIs


With the launch of custom gamification profiles capability in December 2021, new APIs were introduced which take into account gamification profile ID when retrieving or adding metrics. This makes the older APIs obsolete.

Change Category


Change Context

Genesys Cloud initially introduced four gamification API services. These initial API's were good but additional functionality was requested from customers and in December 2021, custom profiles concept were introduced. This necessitated the release of 5 new APIs to handle the changes and additional functionality. This release also made the initial 4 APIs obsolete.

Benefits of the new APIs:

  • Allows more customization as the APIs work with new custom gamification profiles that enable you to create metrics for custom groups of agents who have shared performance goals.

  • With Custom Profiles launch, added customization to gamification included the new set of API with additional functionality – Add & Retrieve metrics for specific custom profiles.

Change Impact

Customers are using the old APIs should switch over to the new APIs at their earliest convenience

Date of Change

We will label the old APIs as "deprecated" on 22 June, 2022.

Impacted APIs

Gamification APIs being deprecated which were primarily applicable to default profile:

GET /api/v2/gamification/metrics
POST /api/v2/gamification/metrics
GET /api/v2/gamification/metrics/{metricId}
PUT /api/v2/gamification/metrics/{metricId}

Below new APIs were introduced as part of custom gamification profiles feature that replace the older APIs:

GET /api/v2/gamification/profiles/{profileId}/metrics
POST /api/v2/gamification/profiles/{profileId}/metrics
GET /api/v2/gamification/profiles/{profileId}/metrics/objectivedetails
GET /api/v2/gamification/profiles/{profileId}/metrics/{metricId}
PUT /api/v2/gamification/profiles/{profileId}/metrics/{metricId}